Saving birds, one window at a time

Glass kills up to one billion migratory birds every year in North America.

I’ll just let that sink in.

Someone asked me: “How is that death rate sustainable?” It’s not – collisions with windows and other glass structures are a leading cause of avian mortality.

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Glebe women of distinction

The Glebe is home to a plethora of interesting people with interesting stories. This month we feature profiles of Janet Irwin and Catherine McKenna.

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Glebe Parks

What can Glebe residents can expect over the next months in regards to the Park at Lansdowne? We saw many of the Park’s attributes prior to the snow falling, but construction has continued on several important features throughout the winter.

The Glebe Parks Committee (GPC) is the only one if its kind in the City of Ottawa — find out how to volunteer with efforts in park maintenance, park designation and funding, as well as hot topics like dog waste disposal, the “adopt-a-park” program and potential post office box locations.

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Book Review: Beautiful Destruction

There is no disputing that Beautiful Destruction by aerial art photographer and Glebe resident Louis Helbig is a weighty tome. The result of some seven years of research, writing and editing, its subject – the oil/tar sands extraction project in northern Alberta – is immediately recognizable as a matter of importance by anyone interested in the environment and the economy in Canada.

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Spring at last!

The snow has melted and all the areas in front and behind your house are a mass of mud and leaves left over from fall. Don’t despair – this is your garden’s blank canvas, even if it does have a few scraggly bushes and mud-caked flowerbeds!

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Lansdowne traffic – its impact on the Glebe so far

The following is an extract from a report presented by the Glebe Community Association (GCA) to the City of Ottawa’s Transportation Committee in April 2015 for their first annual review of the traffic and transportation issues related to activities at the redeveloped Lansdowne.

Glebe residents are invited to an open house presentation on Thursday, May 7 at 7 p.m. on Lansdowne transportation issues, hosted by the GCA at the Glebe Community Centre.

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