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Climate change and the case for fossil fuel divestment

Can fossil fuel divestment affect the forces that are driving climate change? What is behind the divestment movement? How does fossil fuel divestment compare to and connect with other actions aimed at stopping climate change? Should the City of Ottawa divest from fossil fuels? Is fossil fuel divestment even possible for Canadians and Canadian organizations? Join the Environment Committee of the Glebe Community Association for a presentation and discussion about these issues and more, at 7:30 p.m. on June 11 at Ecclesiax Church, corner of Fifth Avenue and Monk Street.

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How to ‘Bee Friendly’

The Bee Friendlies is a Glebe-based community group formed in October 2014 following a public talk organized by the Environment Committee of the Glebe Community Association about the effects of neonicotinoids (a.k.a. neonics) on pollinator health and the startling decline in bees and other pollinators. The group aims to promote a pollinator-friendly urban environment. The primary concern of the group is the use of neonics and other systemic pesticides on seeds, seedlings and plants and how they affect pollinator health.

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Spring at last!

The snow has melted and all the areas in front and behind your house are a mass of mud and leaves left over from fall. Don’t despair – this is your garden’s blank canvas, even if it does have a few scraggly bushes and mud-caked flowerbeds!

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Saving birds, one window at a time

Glass kills up to one billion migratory birds every year in North America.

I’ll just let that sink in.

Someone asked me: “How is that death rate sustainable?” It’s not – collisions with windows and other glass structures are a leading cause of avian mortality.

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Ecology in the Glebe

Though we might still have six more weeks of winter, it is never too early to start dreaming and planning for the spring planting season. Angela Keller-Herzog invites readers to participate in the development of a Glebe Community Vision that will act as a guide to urban planning initiatives. Kathi Elborn gives us an update on the Glashan schoolyard greening project and encourages interested parties to help with fundraising efforts. Let’s go green in twenty fifteen!

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100% Renewable Ottawa: an interview with David Chernushenko

Angela Keller-Herzog asks David Chernushenko, Capital Ward Councillor and new chair of the city’s Environment Committee, to explain his call for a 100% Renewable Ottawa.

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Ecology News

This month’s ecology news includes updates from the GCA Environment Committee, the Glashan shoolyard greening project, and an uplifting article about a fall harvest that occured at Commissioner’s Park.

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