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Glebe streets: Bank Street & Bronson Avenue

It’s the season for construction and changes — here’s an update on what is happening with two of the Glebe’s main throughways, Bank Street and Bronson Avenue.

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Lansdowne traffic – its impact on the Glebe so far

The following is an extract from a report presented by the Glebe Community Association (GCA) to the City of Ottawa’s Transportation Committee in April 2015 for their first annual review of the traffic and transportation issues related to activities at the redeveloped Lansdowne.

Glebe residents are invited to an open house presentation on Thursday, May 7 at 7 p.m. on Lansdowne transportation issues, hosted by the GCA at the Glebe Community Centre.

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Saving birds, one window at a time

Glass kills up to one billion migratory birds every year in North America.

I’ll just let that sink in.

Someone asked me: “How is that death rate sustainable?” It’s not – collisions with windows and other glass structures are a leading cause of avian mortality.

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Glebe traffic files to watch in 2015

Like death and taxes, traffic and transportation issues are an unavoidable reality. Here are some traffic and transportation issues for which the Glebe Community Association’s (GCA) Traffic Committee will be monitoring, seeking community input, and liaising with City and provincial officials over the course of 2015. Residents are encouraged to share their views on these and other issues via

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The Future of Bronson and Bank

Bronson and Bank are two of the busiest streets in Ottawa – and very intertwined with the fabric of the Glebe. As new developments spring up and traffic patterns adjust to change, residents of the Glebe are encouraged to actively participate by voicing their opinions and concerns.

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Reflections on Ottawa’s streetcars

by Clyde Sanger with Ron Greene

What started as a review of Ottawa’s Streetcars, a unique reference book on Ottawa history, has quickly morphed into a conversation about life in early Ottawa and the role of streetcars in the development of the city.

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Traffic & Lansdowne

The discussion surrounding the ongoing development of Lansdowne continues this month with Carl Brunet’s coverage of the December 9th Lansdowne Traffic & Parking Issues Public Meeting. Tom Tanner participated in a consultation about land use planning, and he sheds some light on the process. Catherine Caule presents a fresh perspective on how and why the Ontario Municipal Board can revamp its appeals process.

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