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Access to Nutritious Food

This month, we feature three articles about food access and nutrition. Read on to find out who attended McKeen Metro’s first annual pop up market that featured local vendors; Food Ambassador Jennifer Chang invites you to join the Food Revolution; and the Great Glebe Garage Sale in support of the Ottawa Food Bank is coming soon (May 24th), so mark your calendars and come out to shop for a good cause.

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Glebe Visual Arts – What’s Surfacing?

Art events and exhibitions in the Glebe this month.

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Profiles in the Arts – Gerald Trottier and Zara Ansar

The family of the late Ottawa artist Gerald Trottier (1925-2002) recently made a major donation of 102 of his works to the Ottawa Art Gallery, OAG will celebrate this generous gift with a donation launch exhibition, Perspective: Gerald Trottier, from April 10 to June 14, 2014.

Also profiled this month is Zara Ansar, local artist, video jockey, photographer, and blogger behind the successful Ottawa VeloVogue blog.

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Pulling together to save lives at Fire Station 12

Imagine yourself hanging over the side of a building, suspended by ropes. Does that sound like a requirement of your workday? It might well be if you were among the firefighters operating out of the fire station located at the corner of O’Connor and Fifth Avenue in the Glebe. That’s Fire Station 12.

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Ecology in the Glebe

Spring is finally here and there’s no better time to embrace your green side! Read on to find out about local intiatives that help make the Glebe a beautiful and ecologically bountiful place to live, work, and play.

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David A. Walden writes in response to Bob Brocklebank’s invitation in his Viewpoint article (Glebe Report, March 14, 2014) to share opinions on improving public participation in civic issues.

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Health and Wellness in the Glebe

Add some spring into your step with these useful articles on health and wellness.

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“Uprooted and Transplanted” A Refugee Success Story

by Dorothy A. Phillips

In 1938 a mother and her boy of nine fled their home in the German section of Czechoslovakia, just ahead of Hitler’s “annexation” of Sudetenland. The young boy, Hanns, returned to his native land in 1968. He tells the vivid tale of his family’s adventures in 1938 and beyond in his book Uprooted and Transplanted published by Ginger Press in 2000. A film, Hitler’s German Foes based on his book, was prepared in 2007 by Norflicks Productions Ltd. of Toronto. Glebe St. James United Church is pleased to sponsor an evening, Friday, April 11 to show the film and to have a discussion with Hanns about his story, a lesser known part of Canada’s refugee history. The film and discussion will be followed by a reception.

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Reflections on Ottawa’s streetcars

by Clyde Sanger with Ron Greene

What started as a review of Ottawa’s Streetcars, a unique reference book on Ottawa history, has quickly morphed into a conversation about life in early Ottawa and the role of streetcars in the development of the city.

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