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Allison’s Brain: a testament to the human spirit

A life can change in a moment. Allison Woyiwada’s certainly did. She went from being an active member of our community, an inspiring music teacher, a composer, performer and director to being diagnosed with a giant brain aneurysm in December 2011.

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People of the Glebe

The Glebe is home to a plethora of interesting people with interesting stories. Read on to find out more!

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Profiles in the Arts – Gerald Trottier and Zara Ansar

The family of the late Ottawa artist Gerald Trottier (1925-2002) recently made a major donation of 102 of his works to the Ottawa Art Gallery, OAG will celebrate this generous gift with a donation launch exhibition, Perspective: Gerald Trottier, from April 10 to June 14, 2014.

Also profiled this month is Zara Ansar, local artist, video jockey, photographer, and blogger behind the successful Ottawa VeloVogue blog.

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Eleanor Milne on not listening to the prime minister

By Bhat Boy

“I found a note from Lester B. Pearson in my mailbox asking me to clean the bricks in the foyer outside his office one at a time, but that was going to take eight years, literally, so I decided to pretend I never received that note.” At age 88, Eleanor Milne is more than a little cheeky.

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This month, Pamela Hilchie interviews envisionist artist, Bhat Boy, and David Pritchard sits down for a chat with philosopher and educator, Randal Marlin.

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Wow! the World of Tennis Is Expanding at St. James Tennis Club

By John Wins-Purdy
All photos by Soo Hum

It’s not every day a seven-time Grand Slam winner offers to be an instructor at a tennis club in Ottawa. So imagine my surprise when I received an email in the depths of winter through the St. James Tennis Club website. Swedish-born Mats Wilander, one of the greatest players of all time, was coming to the capital for one day. He asked if our club would like to bring him in to run high-intensity clinics and play an exhibition match.

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