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Reflections on Ottawa’s streetcars

by Clyde Sanger with Ron Greene

What started as a review of Ottawa’s Streetcars, a unique reference book on Ottawa history, has quickly morphed into a conversation about life in early Ottawa and the role of streetcars in the development of the city.

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Traffic & Lansdowne

The discussion surrounding the ongoing development of Lansdowne continues this month with Carl Brunet’s coverage of the December 9th Lansdowne Traffic & Parking Issues Public Meeting. Tom Tanner participated in a consultation about land use planning, and he sheds some light on the process. Catherine Caule presents a fresh perspective on how and why the Ontario Municipal Board can revamp its appeals process.

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Map of area affected by increase in local traffic due to Lansdowne activity

Update on the Glebe Traffic Plan in preparation for Lansdowne traffic

Over the summer, construction has continued unabated at the Lansdowne site and by next June the first football games will take place. By this time next year, the new residential and retail facilities will begin to open and operate. Over the past 12 months, the Glebe Community Association (GCA) has been participating in the City’s Lansdowne Transportation Advisory Committee (LTAC) in an effort to make changes to the Glebe Traffic Plan so that community streets and transportation infrastructure operate in a manner that gets Lansdowne visitors in and out efficiently and with the least impact on neighbouring residents.

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Update on proposed parking on Mutchmor Field


The Ottawa Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) recently announced its intention to use 10,000 square feet of Mutchmor Field between Third and Fourth avenues to provide additional staff parking for Mutchmor Public School, once First Avenue Public School and Mutchmor’s programs, students and staff are “switched” in 2014. This proposal was unexpected and short on community consultation.

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Traffic map

Lansdowne Traffic Survey results and recommended traffic changes

By Brian Mitchell

Glebe residents spoke up en masse through last month’s Lansdowne Traffic Survey: they want changes to the Glebe Traffic Plan to mitigate the day-to-day impact of Lansdowne and they want these changes implemented before Lansdowne reopens next year.

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