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What the Glebe Parks Committee does

By Zoe Sutherland

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Volunteers cleaning up Glebe parks
Photo: Zoe Sutherland

Spring has sprung and volunteers on the Glebe Community Association’s Parks Committee (the Glebe Parks Committee, or GPC) are planning our neighbourhood cleanup.

Tim Horton’s sponsored “Cleaning the Capital” event runs from March 15 until the end of May 2016, with its special cleaning weekend on April 23 and 24. The event is city-wide and is held to assist the City in it’s clean-up after winter. If you would like to join a GPC volunteers group and become part of its cleanup team for a few satisfying hours, please look for your preferred park and its dates in the adjoining table.

Of course, “Cleaning the Capital” is just one project that the GPC is involved in. The GPC also takes an interest in the Adopt-a-Park program, Cash-in-leu of Parkland (CILP) funding, finding new green spaces to be designated as a park or “parklet,” and the 2016 Pop-up Patio initiative, to name a few. The GPC works in tandem with City staff and ward councillors.

What is the Adopt-a-Park program?

This program brings together volunteers or already-formed groups: schools, businesses or community groups that wish to take an active role in the enhancement, care and maintenance of our parks, roadways or gateways. Volunteers try to preserve the urban environment through removal of litter and graffiti and by improving safety. Events such as “Cleaning the Capital” encourage this. The GPC works with the groups to facilitate the enhancement of spaces within our neighbourhood.

What is Cash-in-Lieu-of-Parkland funding?

The GPC negotiates with the ward councillor and puts forward proposals based on the needs and requirements of an individual park. The purpose of the Cash-in-Lieu of Parkland policy is:

• To identify the purposes for which funds, in the City’s cash-in-lieu of parkland accounts, may be used.

• To ensure that funds in ‘cash-in-lieu’ accounts are only used for eligible projects.

• To ensure that funds accumulated in cash-in-lieu accounts associated with an individual ward are used only for eligible projects in that ward unless two or more of the ward councillors agree to contribute to a common project that benefits one or more of the wards.

• To identify the circumstances under which senior staff and ward councillors have delegated authority from council to access and use funds in cash-in-lieu accounts.

• To ensure that users and stakeholders have a complete understanding of the responsibilities and full knowledge of the policy content.”


Where is the Glebe’s newest park?

There is a green space is at the south-east corner of the Fifth and O’Connor intersection, opposite Lionel Britton Park and adjacent to P12’s Fire Hall. It has been officially designated a City of Ottawa park. As yet, the new park does not have a name nor has the form or function of the park been decided.

The community is encouraged to participate in this process. A design consultation was held on March 24; however, there is still opportunity to provide your input. Please send your suggestions for design and a name to the GCA Parks Committee at and watch as the green space evolves.

What is the 2016 “Street Side Spots” Pilot?

The idea behind this pilot project is to build temporary patios or “parklets” on legal street-side car parking spaces. These can be patios, vendor stalls or public spaces. The GPC, community members, the Azrieli School of Architecture at Carleton University, Urban Sound and the Glebe BIA have all worked together to put forward two parklet submissions. If approved, these small green park spaces would be open and available to the public from April to October.

Zoe Sutherland is a member of the Glebe Community Association Parks Committee.

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