About the Glebe Report

The Glebe Report is a volunteer, independent, not-for-profit community newspaper, published monthly (July excepted).

Our mission is to provide news and features about, by and for the Glebe community, one of Ottawa’s older established neighbourhoods.

Since 1973, the Glebe Report has been the community’s historical record, as well as a strong voice in the community striving to explain the local to the global and the global to the local.

7,500 copies of the newspaper are delivered each month, free of charge, by more than 140 volunteers to Glebe homes, businesses in the Glebe and Ottawa South and to the Glebe and Old Ottawa South community centres, Brewer Park Pool and Sunnyside Public Library.

The Glebe Report’s current edition and past editions are available electronically on the website – glebereport.ca.

We are proud to have served the Glebe for more than 40 years with thought-provoking reports on local people, homes, businesses, and events and we will continue to reflect the views of the community as it grows and evolves into the future.

Our office is located in the Glebe Community Centre, 175 Third Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1S 2K2. Phone: 613-236-4955. E-Mail: editor@glebereport.ca

Membership in the Glebe Report Association (GRA) is open to all, 18 years of age or older, who currently reside in the Glebe or who carry on business at a fixed location in the Glebe. A board of directors manages the affairs of the Glebe Report. Directors may be elected from the membership of GRA or from members of the community eligible to serve on the board. Members are eligible for election to the Board by having:

  1. demonstrated an ability and willingness to work for the Glebe Report;
  2. served as a member of the production team or as a volunteer on the Glebe Report;
  3. served as an officer of the Corporation; or
  4. been otherwise approved by the nominating committee to present themselves for election.