The Glebe Report is the community newspaper for the Glebe area of Ottawa. 7,500 copies are distributed each issue to all Glebe residents, as well as selected outlets

2021 Print Ad Rates

(Per Issue including HST)

Ad Dimensions (in inches – width x height) B&W Colour
Greyscale CMYK
Business Card Horizontal (4¾” wide x 2¼” high) $67.80 $96.05
Business Card Vertical (2¼” wide x 3½” high) $67.80 $96.05
1/8 Page Horizontal (4¾” wide x 3½” high)  $107.35 $169.50
1/8 Page Vertical (2¼” wide x 7¼” high)  $107.35 $169.5
Quarter Page Vertical (4¾” wide x 7¼” high) $197.75 $259.90
Quarter Page Horizontal (7¼” wide x 4¾” high) $197.75 $259.90
Half Page Horizontal (9¾” wide x 7¼” high) $429.40 $536.75
Half Page Vertical (4¾” wide x 15¼” high) $429.40 $536.75
Full Page (1 per issue) (9¾” wide x 15¼” high) $847.50 $1130.00

Artwork Specifications: Advertising rates are based on electronic artwork supplied as press ready PDF files. Artwork must be prepared in greyscale for black and white ads, and CMYK for colour ads (please ensure that black text is 100% pure black – no CMY values); resolution is 300 DPI. Note: PDFs made from Word, Photoshop, Canva, Pages or PowerPoint files are not suitable for printing.

E-Newsletter/Web Ad Package: Web ads are an effective method to feature time-sensitive events, real estate listings and general advertising to the community and appear under “Read the latest issue on ISSUU” at Your web ad will be included in the Glebe Report’s e-newsletter which is delivered to subscribers with an alert when each issue is available online. The size for both ads in pixels is 250 wide x 500 high and includes one link to the advertiser’s website.
The e-newsletter/web ad package rate is $85 +HST. Contact for deadlines and to book your web ad.

We are required to charge HST — the Glebe Report HST number is R124180472.

For more information on advertising, contact:

Judy Field – (613) 858-4804 or

Glebe Report Advertising Policy and Guidelines

The policy and guidelines in the following section apply to all advertising content appearing in the Glebe Report’s print and digital publications, and on the website.

Advertising is independent of editorial decisions; the two realms remain separate and are not influenced by each other.

The Glebe Report does not endorse any product or service marked as an advertisement or promoted by a sponsor appearing in the Glebe Report’s print or digital publications, and on the website.

All advertising content must be clearly distinguishable from editorial content. The Glebe Report labels any advertising with the word “Advertisement” when it is necessary to differentiate between editorial content and advertising. “Advertisement” will appear in capital letters in a small font size and will be centered above the ad border.

Advertising is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and is based on space availability.

There is no preferred positioning or placement of advertisements in the Glebe Report.

Payment by Interac e-transfer or cheque is required with submission of artwork for first-time advertisers for the first three insertions or with each insertion for infrequent advertisers. Payment by credit card is not accepted.

It is the responsibility of the advertiser to ensure their artwork is prepared to the Glebe Report’s artwork specifications and is print ready. Please refer to the advertising rates click here and the Glebe Report’s artwork specifications.

Advertisements will not be accepted if they are considered defamatory or offensive to the shared values of the community.

The Glebe Report does not accept inserts or flyers other than the Glebe Neighbourhood Activities Group (GNAG) program booklet.

March 16, 2021