Glebous & Comicus: A thank you letter from Miss Poppy

Editor, Glebe Report

Miss Poppy poppy at the window

Miss Poppy pops up to keep watch.
Photo credit: Craig Taylor

I am Miss Poppy the dog. Christmas is coming. I do not have money to buy presents. That is sad. If I had money I would get a very nice present for the people who leave me biscuits and treats in front of their house.
Sometimes when I go for my walks in the morning we go down by the canal. That is where the people live – on the Colonel’s road. That is where the treats are, right beside the path where I walk, in a nice little box with a lid, so the squirrels cannot steal my treats.
 I do not eat the treat all at once. I get a bit. If I do not try to catch the ducks, I get more until it is all gone. They are good treats.

The people have a cat. It must be a very nice cat. Nice people would not have a nasty cat like the ones who leave paw marks on my cars. When I go for my walks I scare all the awful squirrels away from their house. I think that is why they leave the biscuits for me.

I do not like squirrels. Niamh (my custodian and typist since I have no fingers) says squirrels do not get Christmas presents. That is good.

I get Christmas presents. That is good.

Thank you and I hope you have a Merry Christmas – your cat too.

Miss Poppy the Dog.

P.S. If you have trouble with the squirrels leave a note. Craig will read it to me and I will come and help. I do not like squirrels. Neither does Santa. It is known.

Canine editor Lady Herb’s note: Should you bipeds wish to stick your noses into the world of Miss Poppy – maybe get a gander at that silver dish of hers – do get one of your kind to click on the mechanical mouse, not the four-legged kind, to open up her pictures and her blog at When I saw that picture of Miss Poppy all I could bark about was, “ Wow Wow, she’s some canine!”

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