Redblacks kick off new era at Lansdowne

Photo: Lois Siegel

Celebration was in the air on July 18 as the CFL’s Ottawa Redblacks defeated the Toronto Argonauts at the newly minted TD Place stadium at Lansdowne. Glebe Report photographer Lois Siegel captured the spirit of the day. Photo: Lois Siegel

The stands at the Lansdowne TD Place stadium were filled to capacity with pumped football fans on July 18, the first home game of the newly minted Ottawa Redblacks CFL team. While Glebites were alive to the many possibilities for traffic and parking nightmares, it seems that (with the significant exception of the Lakeside situation) a minor miracle occurred – many from across the city took OC Transpo to get to Lansdowne, and others walked or biked. To top if off, the Redblacks won the game – their first win. The first Ottawa Fury FC soccer game at Lansdowne two days later broke attendance records and, again, there were few traffic tribulations.

Whether we count ourselves as sports fans or we can take it or leave it. Glebe residents and businesses are caught up holus-bolus in the momentum, hoopla and excitement of a major occasion: the opening of a new era for Lansdowne and its stadium. Lansdowne has been, and will continue to be, a large (and looming larger) presence in the life of the Glebe. In this issue of the Glebe Report, we explore a little of Lansdowne’s history and, while entering (at least a little) into the fever of celebration that these sports events are generating, try to place the spirit of Lansdowne into a larger frame of reference.

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