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Should you be singing in the shower?

By Seema Akhtar

What can reduce stress, improve mood, lower blood pressure, boost immunity, improve breathing, reduce pain, improve memory and, according to Roxanne Goodman, “uncover hidden talents and open doors in the soul”? Singing can. So, you should keep belting out those show tunes in the shower!

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Arts and Culture Events in the Glebe

The arts scene in the Glebe has been a slow cooker for a while, but it’s starting to simmer!

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Community and Music

By Cheryl Casey

Blame it on the First Avenue Book Sale. That’s where my search for a way to give back to the community first led me: my sons were both students at First Avenue in the 1990s and before long, I was co-chairing its annual book sale – and hooked on volunteer work. As my boys moved on, Paul’s talent as a young violinist led us to the Ottawa Youth Orchestra Academy (OYOA) where, over the course of 10 years, he progressed through the various ensembles, beginning in Junior Strings and ending in the Ottawa Youth Orchestra. During that time, I enjoyed volunteering in various capacities for the OYOA as parent rep, newsletter editor, event planner and board member.

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Upcoming Arts and Culture Events in the Glebe

Take in some of the up and coming shows on the visual arts scene in the Glebe!

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