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“Uprooted and Transplanted” A Refugee Success Story

by Dorothy A. Phillips

In 1938 a mother and her boy of nine fled their home in the German section of Czechoslovakia, just ahead of Hitler’s “annexation” of Sudetenland. The young boy, Hanns, returned to his native land in 1968. He tells the vivid tale of his family’s adventures in 1938 and beyond in his book Uprooted and Transplanted published by Ginger Press in 2000. A film, Hitler’s German Foes based on his book, was prepared in 2007 by Norflicks Productions Ltd. of Toronto. Glebe St. James United Church is pleased to sponsor an evening, Friday, April 11 to show the film and to have a discussion with Hanns about his story, a lesser known part of Canada’s refugee history. The film and discussion will be followed by a reception.

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Reflections on Ottawa’s streetcars

by Clyde Sanger with Ron Greene

What started as a review of Ottawa’s Streetcars, a unique reference book on Ottawa history, has quickly morphed into a conversation about life in early Ottawa and the role of streetcars in the development of the city.

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Community Life

Glebites are lucky to live in such a wonderful part of the city – we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to outdoor adventures that are right in our backyard! Check out the great images captured by Julie Houle Cezer, Christine McAllister, and Lorrie Loewen.

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‘The Veil’ a breath of fresh air

In purely quantitative terms, you might find the sheer volume and diversity of construction projects on the site of the former Lansdowne Park to be impressive, albeit overwhelming and intimidating. However, thinking of design quality, you are unlikely to conclude that the proliferation and massing of the box-like buildings qualify as anything other than utilitarian and unimaginative.

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GCA Updates

Christine McAllister, Bobby Galbreath, and Brian Mitchell bring updates on traffic, zoning, Lansdowne, and other community matters from the Glebe Community Association.

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Community continuity and change – moving forward with triumphs and challenges

They say that change is the only constant, and it is indeed a season of many changes for the Glebe. The Glebe Goal-Getters hockey team celebrated an historic first win at the annual Capital Ward Councillor’s Cup — read on for the play-by-play details and more photos of the game. Christine McAllister and Bobby Galbreath have updates on city planning, student housing, Lansdowne, and zoning revisions.

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Hélène Merritt celebrated

By Yvonne van Lith, with files from the Glebe Report

On Friday, January 10, the community celebrated the life of Sunnyside Branch’s children’s librarian, Hélène Merritt, who died in December. Over 140 people attended the event at Southminster Church, sharing songs, stories and memories. Members of the Big Soul Project choir gave a moving rendition of “I Was Here.” In honour of Helene’s firm belief in reading without fear of judgment, “The Rights of the Reader” were spoken aloud in English and French by members of the audience.

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New from the BIA

News from the BIA Congratulations to Glebe Spree winner Sylvie Reichert and her family Meet Andrew Peck, the new Glebe BIA executive director Congratulations to Glebe Spree winner Sylvie Reichert and her family Over the past three years, the BIA’s Glebe-Spree holiday promotion has been attracting more participants from the Glebe and other neighbourhoods. Part […]

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Columns: “Culturescape” and “Grandparents”

Adelle Farrelly asks the age old question “What is love?” in this month’s “Culturescape” column. The Glebe Report is also introducing a column that focuses over the next few months on grandparents. It will consist of Clive Doucet’s “As Grandfathers…” in February, April and June, and Barbara Coyle and Carol MacLeod’s articles on grandmothers in March and May.

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Gem of a book celebrates Ottawa’s architect

Reviewed by Andrew Elliot

How does one review a book that is a gem? And Shannon Ricketts’ little book on the Ottawa architect W.E. Noffke is surely one.

Entitled Werner Ernst Noffke: Ottawa’s Architect, and published in 2013 by Heritage Ottawa, this is an attractively designed yet slim book, with a simple eye-catching cover. At 75 pages long, this is no hefty coffee-table issue, but something that anyone can pick up and bring with them as they go about Ottawa tracing Noffke’s work. Whether you have a casual interest in architectural history or you’re a heritage nut, this book is for you.

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Glashan Schoolyard Greening Project

By Angela Keller-Herzog

“Our school looks like a jail!” says a student. The schoolyard is bleak, mostly pavement. To make things worse, the majority of trees shading the yard are ash trees and have to be removed because they are infested by the emerald ash borer.

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Traffic & Lansdowne

The discussion surrounding the ongoing development of Lansdowne continues this month with Carl Brunet’s coverage of the December 9th Lansdowne Traffic & Parking Issues Public Meeting. Tom Tanner participated in a consultation about land use planning, and he sheds some light on the process. Catherine Caule presents a fresh perspective on how and why the Ontario Municipal Board can revamp its appeals process.

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Should you be singing in the shower?

By Seema Akhtar

What can reduce stress, improve mood, lower blood pressure, boost immunity, improve breathing, reduce pain, improve memory and, according to Roxanne Goodman, “uncover hidden talents and open doors in the soul”? Singing can. So, you should keep belting out those show tunes in the shower!

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Exercise and movement

As we ring in the new year, our January issue focuses on health and wellness. Julie Ireton reports on the dance and yoga programs at Abbotsford; Karen Gordon shows us which exercises and yoga poses are ideal for people with osteoporosis; Neil McKinnon talks about the urban poling movement; Julie Houle Cezer introduces Authentic Movement; and Graham Beaton discusses ways to use exercise to control diabetes. Check out these five great articles about healthy living!

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In the baking lab at Algonquin College

By Danielle Blais

After much deliberation and a few setbacks, I found myself holding a piece of paper that said I had been accepted by Algonquin College. The first time I applied, insufficient money prevented my entry; the second time, I was offered a winter term, but with only a month to get everything in order, I felt rushed. They like to say that the third time is the charm and so it was for me.

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The Seasonal Traditions

Many holiday traditions that celebrate the season include services of inspirational music and candlelight that casts a glow in the darkness of winter, beckoning people to gather together.

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Business in the Glebe

After the first snowfall and the appearance of Christmas lights in the trees and shop decorations, people start to get enthused about the holidays and shopping. You can read about the BIA initiatives to make the year more festive, the opening of a new tapas restaurant on Strathcona, and some holiday specials available in Glebe store of the sweet and savoury variety.

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Rachel Collishaw brings history to life at Glebe Collegiate

By Caroline O’Neill

Meet Rachel Collishaw, a history teacher who is both engaged and engaging. She can be found in room 311 at Glebe Collegiate Institute (CGI), happily shepherding her Grade 10 students through the corridors of Canadian history. She brings history to life for her class. Instead of focusing solely on key figures and facts from Canadian history, Collishaw teaches her class about the lesser-known players who might resonate with students. In the photo above, she is seen holding a beautifully illustrated Roll of Honour that commemorates approximately 1,500 teachers and students from Glebe Collegiate who served in the Second World War. Some 200 of those perished and their names are cast in two bronze plaques that adorn both sides of the school’s entrance. The question hangs in the air – who were the people behind the names?

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The Sunnyside Branch of the Ottawa Public Library provides a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books for those interested in exploring the subject of war and peace in greater depth.

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Exuberance underpins Abbotsford’s November 30 sale and silent auction

Abbotsford Sale and Silent Auction — where treasure hunting is fast and furious! Don’t miss out on the best bazaar ever on November 30.

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Community and Music

By Cheryl Casey

Blame it on the First Avenue Book Sale. That’s where my search for a way to give back to the community first led me: my sons were both students at First Avenue in the 1990s and before long, I was co-chairing its annual book sale – and hooked on volunteer work. As my boys moved on, Paul’s talent as a young violinist led us to the Ottawa Youth Orchestra Academy (OYOA) where, over the course of 10 years, he progressed through the various ensembles, beginning in Junior Strings and ending in the Ottawa Youth Orchestra. During that time, I enjoyed volunteering in various capacities for the OYOA as parent rep, newsletter editor, event planner and board member.

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Upcoming Arts and Culture Events in the Glebe

Take in some of the up and coming shows on the visual arts scene in the Glebe!

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Wow! the World of Tennis Is Expanding at St. James Tennis Club

By John Wins-Purdy
All photos by Soo Hum

It’s not every day a seven-time Grand Slam winner offers to be an instructor at a tennis club in Ottawa. So imagine my surprise when I received an email in the depths of winter through the St. James Tennis Club website. Swedish-born Mats Wilander, one of the greatest players of all time, was coming to the capital for one day. He asked if our club would like to bring him in to run high-intensity clinics and play an exhibition match.

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Lansdowne Park in 2013

An Urban Park to Serve the Whole City

By Bob Brocklebank

So far, the evident construction activity at Lansdowne has centred on the parking garage, commercial buildings and the new south-side stands of the stadium. We should remember that a positive aspect of Lansdowne redevelopment will be the transformation of acres of lifeless asphalt into parkland.

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Partygoers posing with a dinosaur

Upcoming Arts and Culture Events

Downtown cultural events are lighting up the fall in Ottawa. Find out first-hand about the creative events coming up in September and October.

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