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Wow! the World of Tennis Is Expanding at St. James Tennis Club

By John Wins-Purdy
All photos by Soo Hum

It’s not every day a seven-time Grand Slam winner offers to be an instructor at a tennis club in Ottawa. So imagine my surprise when I received an email in the depths of winter through the St. James Tennis Club website. Swedish-born Mats Wilander, one of the greatest players of all time, was coming to the capital for one day. He asked if our club would like to bring him in to run high-intensity clinics and play an exhibition match.

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Glebe Paddler and Gold Medal Winner Sets His Sights on Puerto Rico Pan Am Championships

By Ian Miller

Drew Hodges has had a phenomenal season. The Glebe resident has won gold at the Canada Games, captured six medals at the National Championships and is representing Canada this month at the Pan American Championships that take place October 18 to 20 in Puerto Rico. “Drew is one of the hardest workers in our club,” said Rideau Canoe Club coach, Ian Mortimer, a fellow Glebe resident and former national team member. “He has earned every result with dedication and patient effort.”

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John Leaning – architect and author

By David Pritchard

Most people who know John Leaning would agree that he wears his many achievements lightly. It is not widely known, for instance, that he is a recipient of the Bletchley Park Commemorative Badge, granted to the men and women who took part in the breaking of the German Enigma code, the greatest secret operation of the Second World War. Nor is it widely recognized that as a young man he worked in the office of the great French architect, Le Corbusier, and later met Frank Lloyd Wright. These are only minor footnotes in a distinguished career as architect, planner, educator and author that has encompassed not only Ottawa but countries as diverse as Tanzania, India and Bolivia.

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Capital to Capitol by Canoe: Part III

By Clive Doucet
The expedition from Ottawa to Washington D.C. was in memory and honour of William Commanda, the Algonquin elder and spiritual leader who died on August 3, 2011 at the age of 98. As a child, William Commanda avoided residential school by hiding in the forest, and was able to escape that great eraser of language and culture. In spite of a childhood marked by poverty and hunger, he grew up to be recognized for his leadership by his own people, and by people from many other countries. As Keeper of the Seven Fires Prophecy Belt, the Jay Treaty Border Crossing and the Three Figure Welcoming Wampum Belt, band chief and in his elder years, Grandfather Commanda, he was recognized around the world for his efforts to inspire reconciliation and spiritual renewal among peoples of all nations with his annual Circle of All Nations meetings.

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Mary Pal, Glebe artist and shopping spree winner!

By Gillian Campbell

Glebe textile artist Mary Pal did not realize that she had won the Glebe Shopping Spree for days after she received the call from the Glebe BIA. “When Christine Leadman called me, she said, ‘Now don’t get excited, but your name has been drawn in the Glebe Shopping Spree contest.’” Mary Pal laughs, “So I didn’t get excited! I just thought my name was one of several that had been drawn and that they would be doing another draw to determine the winner.” When she went to the Glebe BIA office, she was very surprised when they gave her $10,000 in travellers’ cheques to be spent at Glebe BIA businesses.

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Downtown Aultsville

In search of the “lost villages” of the St. Lawrence River

Excerpts from “The Lost Villages” By Louis Helbig
Introduction By Julie Houle Cezer

Aerial art photographer Louis Helbig, who is based in the Glebe, is no stranger to flying solo when it comes to capturing the lay of the land. In his single engine, two-seater Luscombe, he has logged many air miles to create large-format photographs of landscapes – natural, urban and industrial.

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In fire alley, the world is reinventing itself

By Clive Doucet

Fire Alley

From fire alley,
you can watch the towers of New York City
lined up in steel and glass rows above the East River.
They rise in the night like Mount Olympus
scratching the sky at the edge of the Peloponnesian plain.

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Mark Monahan

Mark Monahan, the Glebe’s Blues man

By Penny Sanger

It’s 6:30 a.m. and Mark Monahan is in his kitchen squeezing oranges, beating eggs, making smoothies and putting bowls of fruit on the table, and whatever else he knows each of his four daughters and their mother will eat for breakfast. “It’s my big thing,” he says.

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