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Implied consent: Consent to publish material either as an integral part of the Glebe Report print edition and its online version or as supplementary stand-alone material on the website is implicit in the act of electronically submitting the text, photo or reproduction of a drawing to the print editor or web editor. However, neither the print editor nor the web editor is bound by such action to publish the material submitted in either the print or online editions.

Editorial Policy on unpublishing and corrections

The Glebe Report recognizes that the content that it publishes becomes part of the historical record whether in print or digital form. In general, the Glebe Report will not unpublish content because to do so is to rewrite the historical record. In exceptional cases or where there is a Canadian legal requirement, the Glebe Report will unpublish content in accordance with clear policy guidelines. However, because the newspaper abides by a standard of ongoing accuracy, the Glebe Report will continue to make corrections and update articles where and when errors are verified. In the interest of transparency, it will be clearly indicated when an article has been altered.

It is understood that the Glebe Report will make all reasonable efforts to make necessary corrections and clarifications on all publication platforms provided that it is technically feasible within the resource constraints of the organization.

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